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Email sent from Ninja Forms going to Junk

I have Ninja forms setup on my Go-daddy Managed WordPress site.  When a customer fills out the form I have it configured to send an email to our Go-daddy managed email.  But these email Always go to the Junk folder.  I am concerned that all the email we send form the system (Ninja forms) is going to our customers Junk folder. 


How can I fix this?


I would love to see an answer to this as well.


Have you had any luck?


Hi @Brettche and @ddpjoel,


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I found this article online that may help you both in resolving your issue. While each end recipient can mark your email address as a "preferred sender" in their email client, you would have to ask them to do that on your signup page (as some signups specify) - or in the email they fish out of the spam folder. 



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