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Emails automatically sent from website no longer being received

I am running osCommerce.  Server type Linux.   PHP 5.  SSL certificate.


Back in November we stopped receiving all Order Process emails.  

After searching the osCommerce forums we found that the email title "Order Process" might be kicked out of GoDaddy's spam filter.   I changed the email title to include our store name and emails started being received again.


In December, all emails from my website are not being received.  Order Process, Contact Form, Order Updates, and even email directly from admin.  Nothing is being received.  


No errors are being logged, and we can send emails from WebMail and Outlook.  Just the automated emails from the website are not getting through.

Something on GoDaddy's servers must have changed.  I've been reading through this forum and osCommerce's forum and cannot find an answer.  

Why are all my store emails being blocked?

Any information would be helpful.


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Wow! So many things about email lately? I'll start by asking what email service you use? Certainly some stock emails may be swallowed up by SPAM filters. GoDaddy settings may have also changed. Since you seem to have no issue sending or receiving past your website I would say that your issue is perhaps a filtering issue? I'm curious as to if your issue has been resolved? If you have figured out this issue I would be curious as to how it was rectified.

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Hello vdragonflies,


Our company is now experiencing the same issues. Did you ever find a solution to your problem? Thank you.