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Epic failure email interface

I have been putting up with this issue for a long time but no more. 

I am using Workspace webmail "classic" version on PC, and I can't send email to myself no more. It goes out but it does not appear to "classic" mode. I know it's there, because I can see it in my email inbox on my smartphone, and I can also see it when I change the mode to "updated view" from "classic view". Not just emails I send to myself these days, but it started doing the same to some other random emails from random 'senders'. Therefore, the "classic view" mode is not reliable at all. 

I have tried to work from "updated view", however, in the updated view, the email addresses do not auto-populate (but only the display names only and without actual addresses). This is a huge problem -- I can't look up email addresses each time for everyone.  I have tried to import my contacts to the "updated view" but contact importing is not yet available (it says 'coming soon') for a long while. It's the same contacts already saved and stored inside 'contacts' under "classic view", why is it not available in "updated view"?  

It's causing my works a big deal of trouble and unnecessarily wasting time.

I called in to talk with a support team, and the person on the line could not seem to understand what issue I have, and tried to sell me with an email upgrade. I am totally lost and big time frustrated. Anyone please help!!!

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Workspace email is a pretty old email service that GoDaddy made around a decade ago, IIRC. I know they have decided that while they'll maintain the current servers they will no longer update the product. They decided that quite a while ago.


It sounds like you need a more modern and update email system.

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