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Face the stove instructions - SPF

I have searched for specific instructions to fix an issue that I continue to get through my email - "". From what I've read.. my email may have been "spoofed". I found a topic that covers a possible fix... but the instructions are way over my head. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue, with real world instructions.. not just "Workspace Email: v=spf1 mx -all" That does not indicate how/where to put these settings into DNS records.

Thanks for any help!

Helper II

Re: Face the stove instructions - SPF

Simply put...

Account --> Products --> Hosting --> Manage all --> little gear icon --> scroll to DNA

-- at bottom of page click Add - "TXT" tab to next box put "@" enter your "v=spf1 mx ~ (or -) all" if that is what you want to use, tab TTL (leave at default) or 1 hour.


I used for me TXT  @  v=spf1 a ~all

look at the difference between the ~ and - and see which is best for your situation.


Good computing...

Re: Face the stove instructions - SPF

Thanks for the prompt response. I will give it a go... and respond back if this has resolved the issue.

Curious as to why there isn't an option to...

--- The purpose of an SPF record is to detect and prevent spammers from sending messages with forged From addresses on your domain.---

Please select one of the following options:

[  ] Yes! Automatically create an SPF record to help protect my email.

[  ] No! Don't do anything to protect my email.

Re: Face the stove instructions - SPF

24 hours later.. and no problems. I haven't received any further "" emails. I will mark this as resolved. Thanks.

Re: Face the stove instructions - SPF

Well... I'm sorry to say... this has not resolved the issue. I just received several "" emails again last night. I'm not sure why this is something I am responsible for correcting... considering I'm paying for my email service through godaddy. Please unmark this topic as resolved.. as it is not. I will try the other option, as suggested, of adding the -twiddly dumb-... instead of the -twiddly dee- to the DNS records. I'll post back when I have spent more time trying to resolve this issue.

Helper II

Re: Face the stove instructions - SPF

Sorry to hear it.


You did surprise me that it ended so quickly. It takes up to a week (for me) for the SPF to propagate threw the servers, and even then you may get a few days after and then it should end.



Re: Face the stove instructions - SPF

Ahh.. thanks DougL I will post back after a week or so.