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Forgot Password email address for Workspace emails

So it looks like Godaddy has made a recent change to the portal- a forgot password link. While that's a great addition, why does it go back to the account holder with no way to change where the password resets emails go? We have over 700 workspace emails, with people forgetting passwords all the time. Since this has rolled out our owner, who has the administrator account, has started receiving these requests. I talked to support- the only way to change where the forgot password emails go is to change the administrator account's email address. I'd like to have a simple option where we can change where password reset emails go- more than likely the owner of the business is not the one doing password resets.

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I have actually never used the "I forgot" @CSAdmin Does that go to the GoDaddy account registrant? Interesting.


I just go to my GoDaddy account to change passwords, typically I use the Reset your email password method. The process I typically do is reset to a strong password and send it to the user to change to their desired password once they login. 

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