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GoDaddy Webmail client will not include email address and/or message in a reply

About a month or so ago, my GoDaddy WebMail stopped working with reply or reply all.  It just brings up a blank message.   Which means I cannot reply to an email and have it automatically use the email address the message came from.  It also will not include any of the message in the reply either.   It's frustrating as it also does not intuitively finish an email address.  I always have to type out the whole email address.

Other clients are not setting up correctly (like Pegasus, Mailbird, etc.)  I wanted to try them as I have gotten frustrated with the recently encountered limitations with the webmail client.


Help?  It worked for years...   I have Windows 10.  Probably stopped working after one of the updates perhaps?


Thank you!


Hi @thephantomsgirl, thanks for posting.

I haven't seen any other reports of this. It sounds like it could be related to the browser you are using. You may want to try using another browser to try accessing the email, or try another computer.
If you are using Workspace email, the settings for more email clients can be found here:
If you are using Office365, typically Outlook is used. See:
If you continue to have trouble setting up an email client, feel free to follow up with the errors you were seeing and perhaps a Community member can suggestion some settings to try.

Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

I have similar problem:  my "reply" and "forward" do not automatically include the original message. 

I'm running Win 10.

Please advise. 

Hi @wpmatlake

Did you try another browser as previously suggested above?

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Thanks Charming,

Original message is included when using Chrome or Internet Explorer.  Not, however, when using my preferred Firefox browser.

I came up empty after reviewing the websites you suggested.  

Can you suggest what add-on I'm missing in Firefox (ver 48.0.2 running under Win 10) to enable the reply message to appear -- presuming the deficient of an add-on is the problem with Firefox.  


Hey @wpmatlake,


Web mail should not be dependent on any browser plug-ins installed. Generally if there's an issue while using multiple plug-ins we'll advise removing all and re-enabling one at a time to help determine which one may be interfering with functionality. 


You might also try clearing cache settings. Another suggestion I've heard that may help is switching between classic and updated views of webmail. Let us know if this helps. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Webmail user only. I have been experiencing the same issue for quite some time. Very frustrating to be unable to reply with the original message chain, memorize email addresses, or have to copy from original email. I'm a Chrome user. Does not work on MSIE either. I've been unable to determine if there are any add ons running or any other programs which prevent this feature from working correctly. I've removed and re-added just about everything. I also just replaced the hard drive and have a fresh install of Win 7 64 bit running as of 4 days ago. Thought that would resolve the issue. Still nothing...

This is also a frustrating problem for me and my business as well.