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Godaddy email is landing in spam folder, according to Google its mssing mailed-by/ signed-by headers

3 weeks back i purchased the hosting and email account on godaddy. I am testing on my 2 gmail accounts and email are going in spam folder. I am sending emails by Java program. If i use any gmail or other account, its working fine but with godaddy its landing in spam folder.


I contacted 2-3 times with customer support and they are saying its not their issue. Now i think i have wasted my money for godaddy purchase.


Any help is mcuh appreciated. Txt values already added but no impact. Gmail not detecting mailed-by and signed-by headers.

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Hi @SandeepGupta,


I suspect that GoDaddy support are quite correct and that it's your Java program that is faulty because Gmail email headers are different to some other email clients. You therefore have to allow for those differences. This is why gmail is not recognising them.

I am NOT going to do your code for you, as with ALL the best Developers (and I mean the best, like the guys who created linux), I hate Java, the ugliest coding language on the planet.....................

So you will have to do your own homework I'm afraid Cat Happy


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