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Godaddy's descent

I truly hate how Godaddy is not how they used to be...simple and not greedy. Using a Microsoft based email solution is ridiculous.What was wrong with a customer buying a domain name and hosting and receiving a free professional email from you? Guess you decided you could snatch more money from loyal customers. Not even giving an option to use the old version of website builder, by the way your builder sucks big time. I used to buy products from you, but since you got too big and started gouging your customer's wallets.
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While I understand your frustration, you must realize that hosting technology over the past 10-20 years has changed drastically and companies must change as well to keep pace. There was no issue supplying free emails two decades ago, but today about 80% of all online communication is conducted through email. 


Too give you an idea of how much email that is, Google datacenters can be as big as 3-4 professional football stadiums with nothing but servers inside specifically for email. 


GoDaddy is not an email company. They're a hosting company. Their primary objective is to host a stable server environment for your website. They offer Microsoft Office now because it's a viable and stable email solution for their customer's business. This allows them to focus, instead, on making sure your website is up and people can come to it. 


I realize that's not what you want to hear but technology advances exponentially. GoDaddy must keep up in order to remain profitable. That means outdated technology and outdated products must be replaced with modern, stable systems.

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