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Hosting one Godaddy and using Gmail for email. Can send email but can not receive

Hello All,


I just started hosting my domain on Godaddy. I wanted to use gmail for my emails so I set that up. I add all the MX that was given to me during the setup. My website was verified by google process. The issue I am having right now is that I can send emails out but can not receive any.


I have check the MX and all is correct.

I have checked All Mail in my gmail.


I am hoping someone can help me. 


Hi @apatel


Thank you for your post. Unfortunately without knowing the domain name it wouldn't be possible  to review the concern to see if there is a DNS conflict that may be occurring causing emails not to route properly. 


I suggest contacting our customer services department for a review of the settings so that we may be able to help you determine the cause of the issue. 


Best Wishes!