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How can I get support for Sharepoint?

I have created some wiki pages in Sharepoint that contain several photos.

I'm having a super annoying problem where I add some pictures, save the document and then they are gone. Not all, but some of them and they are random.

After working on this document for several hours, I was missing over half the pictures. 😞

So I did some testing:

Test 1: Copy paste photo (from my screen capture tool). Save document. Photo is missing.

Test 2: Copy paste photo to a different place on the page. Save the document. Photo is there.

So I thought just maybe I can work around this by saving each time I add a photo... but then wait there's more!

This time when I saved, the photos that were confirmed there previously are now missing.

Test 3: I saved the photo locally first, then uploaded the photo to the page, and it stays but now others are missing once I save.

I am new to sharepoint, but I work as a software engineer, so tell me.. what am I doing wrong?

I'm on Mac OSX 10.12.2 using Firefox

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Don't know anything about sharepoint, but I know where to look:


Hope this helps