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How do I switch the domain used for Office 365 email plan?

Hi Guys,

I have an email set up with my domain but my website is they both point to the the same server, is there a way i can switch my email: to ? What is my best solution to overcome this ? My main website is i want clients to see the 'prestige' in my emails sent.

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Hi @EnvieRoses,


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Yes, you can change the domain name that you use on your Office 365 plan. 

Before you can change your domain, it must:

  • Be registered with GoDaddy.
  • Be registered in the same account as your Office 365 email plan.
  • Have an active zone file for the GoDaddy domain and be in the same account as your Office 365 email plan.

You can use these instructions to make the change. Make sure you update the DNS on the new domain being used. There are links in the article to show you how. 



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