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How to add MX records of Ipage in my Domain Register in godaddy.

Hello, there is one more thread about this on godaddy but it's still not working. Surely I'm doing something wrong...

What am I doing wrong? I contacted Ipage help but they refer me though godaddy...

This is what I added in DNS settings...

a godaddy (2).png




Resolver VI


ake sure to delete all MX records that are NOT for the service you are using, for example domains purchased at GoDaddy are set up for their email by default:


Follow this article


It looks like they want you to create 2-3 A records:


A record-

Host: mx

Points to: (chose a different IP from the ipage article above for each record)


Then create 2 MX records that point to those A records:


MX1 priority 10 points to
MX2 priority 20 points to


(using your actual domain in place of


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