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Inbox not syncing with Outlook 2016 - U.S. servers

Outlook 2016, latest revision/patch levels. Have been using Outlook 2016 for over a year with no issues. Starting yesterday (7/20/17) at around 11 a.m. Central time, email stopped syncing with my GoDaddy email on a personal domain that is managed by GoDaddy. All other accounts with other email providers working just fine. Using and for connections. Setup tests work just fine, I can see my email when I log onto GoDaddy Workspace email. I only have about 5,000 emails in my inbox, and don't have a lot with large attachments. Outlook will process all synchronization tasks with other email accounts just fine, but when it gets to my GoDaddy email account with a personal domain, it just processes for eternity... no errors. Also, the last Windows updates were about 6 days ago, and the email just stopped working yesterday, so I don't believe it has anything to do with that. 



Re: Inbox not syncing with Outlook 2016 - U.S. servers

Hi all - this seemed to clear up. Did full power down and it's now syncing... Thanks.