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Incoming Email not Arriving in Inbox - Outgoing Email Working Properly

Email sent to me is not showing up in my Inbox but when I compose an email the outgoing email works as it should.  The Inbox previously worked okay.  Is there some Setting that controls this?  Or.....???

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Most of the time when I've seen this issue, it's usually either due to the domain having incorrect MX Records or using the wrong email client settings. Exactly what those settings should be depends on what type of email plan you have and how you're connecting to it. If you can provide that info, others may be able to guide you further.


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I've had the same issue - I can send email but cannot receive.  I've not gotten an email in my inbox in 3 days but I can send it.  I've used a Gmail account and my work account to test it out, both from the web app on 2 different PC's and my phone using the Outlook app.  When I sent an email to my GoDaddy account from Gmail, I got the following message almost immediately:  (I replaced my domain name with XX)


Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
DNS Error: 173972979 DNS type 'mx' lookup of XX responded with code NXDOMAIN
Domain name not found: XX

Hello @larraks!


Thank you for your reply! It very much sounds like your issue is DNS related. I'd recommend reaching out to our support team to have them review your domain's MX settings with you.


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I've had this happen twice in less than 2 months. GoDaddy support sucks balls. I've now been without email for 3 F'n days. I get the same BS from every tech "we made a change give it 24-48 hours" This is my business. I'm losing clients by the day.

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Are you looking online at your web interface? I am having problems with all my email being marked as spam so it is going to the Bulk folder.

This is exactly what is happening to me, and it doesn't matter the interface I try to use.  I've checked my email on two different PC's and my phone.  I use the Outlook app on my phone and the webmail on the PC, and I've had no incoming mail since Friday and it's now Monday - and like you, I can send mail just fine.  I tested sending and receiving using a gmail account.


I have the same issue. PLEASE HELP! I cannot make businness like that! 

The error emssage for the sender says:

550-Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client.


Phone-helpdesk could not help at all....:-(