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Message Delivery Failure - Account Hack??

Hello, I keep getting messages like this - 

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. 

Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently:

Reason: There was an error while attempting to deliver your message with [Subject: "�����47275271"] to MTA this response from the destination host IP - - 550 , 550 Mail content denied [MLqayhmPzXtPjgOwAigDctq4/oSEw94e8dW9hnyhc3ureY7k+hsfIxo=].
.Has my account been hacked and what can I get about it? The emails do not look like anything we have sent as re rarely send messages from this account.




Re: Message Delivery Failure - Account Hack??

We're getting the same - we've had loads of these emails today! 

Can anyone help with this?

Re: Message Delivery Failure - Account Hack??

Im receiving the same messages since Thursday.  I changed password but that did not do anything. 


Re: Message Delivery Failure - Account Hack??

Hey everyone, 

If you are receiving the same bounce error when attempting to send out email, this is likely due to content related issues within the outgoing message as indicated in part of the error. When trying to troubleshoot bounce errors, you'll want to review the article here


If you're still encountering issues troubleshooting the error, then you'll need to submit a copy of the original message that triggered the error alert here so our teams can investigate further. 


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