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Omitted my website.

A man >  has sent me emails stating that I need to update my website because there are errors according to him. He is threatening to omit my website if I don't contact him directly  (480-310-8080). I have called the  number he put in the email and he does not return my call. I have contacted Go Daddy and they won't tell me whether this guy works for them or not. I spoke with Damon at Go Daddy and he stated that I need to pay to protect my website. Damon Stated that my website is not secure online Google, he is correct my website is not secure online at Google. I need the truth about this guy Erik Leo and whether or not he woks with Go Daddy. I was not told I needed to buy an SSL when I choose my domain name.  Thanks

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Re: Omitted my website.

Hey there @Melanie2262,


All official email from GoDaddy either comes from or So no, this man is likely not an employee and isn't acting in an official capacity even if he was.


As to needing an SSL, that information is correct. If your site doesn't have an SSL then Google will eventually get around to placing a big warning on your website anytime someone tries to go to it tell them it's not secure. I would advise getting one on your domain as soon as you can.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Omitted my website.

So since is registered with godaddy maybe you guys should block the scammers domain... We have numerous customers also getting these calls.


Re: Omitted my website.

Hi @crexendo,


Welcome to the Community!

These posts are several months old. If you are still receiving emails from this domain, we encourage you to submit a report where appropriate (depending on scope of abuse): Or you can send a copy of one of the emails to the abuse department at: for review. 



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