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Scan to Email via SMTP suddenly not sending

We have a GoDaddy domain setup to allow dozens of remote office sites to use scan to email functionality. Example, "", "", etc. 69 different sites to be exact.


As these addresses are not required to receive email we are just using the basic "Free Mail with Hosting" service. Over the past week we are getting reports from several of the remote office sites that Scan to Email functionality is either not sending at all or taking four or five attempts before the outbound mail goes through. We've looked at everything we can think changes to DNS, nobody is exceeding the daily relay limit or mailbox size, and configuring in Outlook with these addresses appears to work but there are still instances in Outlook where the server fails to respond. As a precaution all mailbox contents have been purged.


The affected multi-function machines are a blend of different makes and models. Most sites have their own domain and use different DNS servers. All are configured to use SSL on port 465 and until recently worked really well.


Anybody running into similar problems with connections lately? Any suggestions?


I am having problems with the My emails are still sitting in the outbox.


My personal scanner at home - same issue.


For those of you having this issue we believe we have discovered a possible root cause. It appears a very significant number of IP's assigned to have expired SSL certificates. Most of our MFP's are set to check these certs and obviously fail to connect when the cert is expired or invalid. If a user continues attempting to scan they may successfully connect after 5-20 additional tries as the IP's continue to roll over. Disabling checking of SSL certs resolved the issues on MFP's with this capability.


Contacting support multiple times gets the same answer..."no idea why the connections are timing out and we have no way of looking into the problem. Oh but if you want reliability please upgrade to our paid Office 365 solution." Really? We have nearly 70 remote locations set up this way and even though it's free email, we get them by paying for hosting. Now, instead of offering to fix the issue or at least look into it, we are told that we should pay an additional $60-$70 per site for a feature that until recently was very reliable?


I won't offer speculation on why GoDaddy, who publishes their own certs, would allow enough of them to expire to render SMTP relaying completely unreliable, but then feign ignorance when contacted about the issue. But it doesn't exactly sit well with me that the only option we are given when calling for assistance is to tack on an additional $4800+ to our bill for Office 365.