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Send Domain's email to Gmail address

Hello, I would like all emails sent to my domain's email address to be sent to the corresponding Gmail account. However I am unsure as to how to accomplish this. I have tried to add the domain's Gmail account via the view other account's email option in the Gmail settings but this does not work as my Gmail address has the same name as the domain's address. How do I accomplish this? Thank you.


ok so i am going to recap real quick. you have godaddy email (o365 outlook or do you use workspace)? it shouldnt matter, i can tell you how to do both. if you are in o365, go to the settings wheel, top right hand corner, click on it and scroll down until you see app settings and it will have a link for mail. click on mail and an options sidebar pops up on the left. you will see the first tab is general, the one after that is mail . if you expand that one, you will see all kinds of options. under accounts you will see forwarding. click on forwarding and enter your gmail account and save. you should be all set.

for workspace, go to your products list in your godaddy account. to do that, login into godaddy, click on your name top right corner, click my products, go to email accounts and click manage on workspace email, dont  login. just click manage. this takes you to workspace center and from there, it should be fairly self explanitory. go to the email account you want to forward, click on it and the forwarding option should become active at the top of the table box your emails are in or right click the email address and it should give you the option to forward your email and you enter the email address you want your emails to go to. or if you have fowarding accounts, set them up that way. just pay attention to the kind of product you have.check out these links if you need more help. good luck


o365 email go here:


for either one this link works for both email types: