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I have Office 365 Business Premium through Go Daddy.  I am trying to use One Drive for document storage for my small business.  I am also trying to sync files in One Drive in the cloud to my desktop and vice versa.  I also want the other two team members at my business to access the One Drive in the cloud so we can all collaborate.  Anyone know how to do this? 


Re: Synching

Hello @prolaw365


1. For synching One Drive to your desktop I'm honestly not too familiar so hopefully there's someone else that can help with this for you. 


2. To share folders with others (as I'm sure you don't want them to have full access) this article should help:


Re: Synching

Hey @prolaw365,

First let me say welcome to the community! Glad to have you join us! Smiley Happy

For syncing OneDrive folders to your desktop, try the steps over here on Microsoft's Support page. There's also a link in their article referencing the download of their OneDrive app if you haven't already done that yet. 


Let us know if this worked out for you. Perhaps, another member who has successfully setup OneDrive to their desktop can also share some more pointers to help others reading this discussion?


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