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Transfer Emails - Moving Domain ownership from GoDaddy account to another

I'm going to be involved in moving an existing GoDaddy managed domain with Web email (not O365) from one GoDaddy account to a new GoDaddy account. Nothing else changes, only the owner account. What is necessary to migrate the email addresses and all emails when the domain is transferred to the new GoDaddy account. When this is migrated, I'm assuming that the prepaid funds transfer as well? That is, I don't have to pay for the email plan again? It just renewed a few months ago.

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Re: Transfer Emails - Moving Domain ownership from GoDaddy account to another



That kind of depends. I'm assuming when you say "GoDaddy email" you mean the cPanel email that's included on your hosting package. GoDaddy doesn't make that email product. It's a standard feature of cPanel. 


If you're migrating the hosting from one account to another, you would move the email folder over as well, make the email addresses anew in the new cPanel hosting, and you should be good to go.

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Re: Transfer Emails - Moving Domain ownership from GoDaddy account to another

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If you're moving a Workspace Email plan (not cPanel email), you will need to purchase a new plan in the account you're moving TO. The plan itself does not transfer. However, when you delete these emails in the old account from our system, then set them up in a few hours using the exact same addresses, the emails will auto-populate in the new account, the new plan. Your DNS on the domain will stay the same. To move the domain, you may use the instructions here


If you do not need both accounts, or do not want to purchase a new plan, our customer support staff can merge the 2 accounts. Please consult with them for assistance in moving your email plan, as those plans can only be placed by an agent.



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