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Unable to download attachments "invalid request" / Reply button blocked

I have tried several browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and different computers but I am not able to download attachments. It does not matter what kind of file, even simple JPGs. I keep on forwarding all the mails to my Gmail account which sucks! 

I also have lot's of trouble with replying/sending emails. The buttons are unresponsive and mostly do not work. It has been like that for years. I am very unhappy that it does not get better at all.

Is there any solution?

Community Manager

Hi @Urmeli. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Sorry to hear you're having difficulty. I'm not sure why you'd be having consistent trouble. One additional thing you could try if you haven't already is to change the version of webmail that you're using. Look for a link for "updated view" or "classic view" in the upper right-hand corner. You may find a different version works better for you. Hope that helps. 


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