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Unable to view the unified audit log

Hi all,


Does anyone happen to know how to view the unified audit log in the security and compliance center in office 365?


I can access it, I have the required permissions (I am a global admin and also have the Audit log permission) and when I hit Search I get zero results back.

I tried the same on a trial Office 365 directly from microsoft and can view everything perfectly.


The link for it is here:


Any ideas? I really want to view sharepoint logs not just exchange (I am saying this because it has been suggested by GoDaddy telephone support). 


The telephone support also has suggested that it is outside of their scope of support so I am left on my own here...


Help! 😄


-- Theo


Hi @tledakis, thanks for posting.

In my personal account, I was able to access the audit log. The only thing that I can think of is that the audit log wasn't enabled for the period of time you were trying to search. The audit log isn't automatically enabled, and it must be enable before it will start logging.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

@GaryA I'm afraid that is not the case as you can't use that tool unless the audit log was enabled in the first place. Also the dates the audit log was not enabled, are greyed out. So, as I said it should output something but instead it shows 0 results.


For testing purposes I have created a trial Office 365 account directly from Microsoft and the audit log shows lots of stuff with no fiddling.


Yesterday's communication with our account manager at GoDaddy suggested that the tech team know about this problem and there is a ticket for it to be looked at, but of course that could take forever.