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Unhappy with the forced move to Outlook

Outlook sucks.  Workspace was just fine.  I paid to keep it like it was back in December 2019 and they forced Outlook on me in November 2020 anyway. I have to use Outlook with my university, but now I have this conflict on my laptop with my university account and my personal account.  I have to jump hoops just to sign into either email account, now.  Used to be I would just sign in.  Generally one step.  Now I have to choose with account, click the box to continue or whatever, then it takes me to another page and I have to choose outlook email.  Too bothersome.  I am done wtih it.  I complained to GoDaddy through chat and they said it was for our own good and that they cannot support WorkSpace anymore and then they asked for a payment for renewal which is in December.  I am gone as soon as I find a new home for my domain and hopefully a simple email service I can use instead of this awful Microsoft junk forced on me.  I do not receive emails from many sources I regularly receive email from.  By blocked lists are now empty so the junk mail is piling up.


I have been with GoDaddy for a long time, but they have forced my hand.  I am moving to another service, even if just to park my domain.