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Webmail - Wait & try again error

The same problem started occurring today.  I'm sure most of us are tired of this problem.  Can we get a permanent fix?  I don't want to have to chg my password every time I want to access my email.  Thank you.


Same here, I'm STILL having the same problem all these weeks where it says to wait x hours and try again and I'm getting really frustrated. I've made multiple phone calls to support. My post here was closed saying the problem was solved and it's just me. I e-mailed support and they just told me to clear my cookies and cache (again and again and again). It's not my cookies or cache. It happens even in an Incognito Window. It happens on multiple computers. The only way I can access my mail is to log in here, go to the Workspace Control Center, hover over the account (I have multiple domains) and click on Launch. It's especially a pain when I need to switch between accounts because I have to go back to the WCC. 


I just want this fixed so I can easily access my mail again.