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Webmail content lost during Compose, Save

Imagine my surprise to discover that there is no way to submit a bug report to GoDaddy via email, despite the substantial amount of money I pay for my email service.


So this forum will apparently have to do. I hope I'm in the correct place.


Recently I've had a couple of incidents in Webmail were I'm composing an email (sometimes making substantial changes to a previously-saved draft), I select "Save as draft", upon which I'm required to re-login. Once I've done so, my changes are lost. The draft is never saved.


This just happened yet again, and I just lost an hour of important work that I'll need to redo. Obviously this is intolerable.


I've been actively using Webmail for approximately 6 years. This particular problem seems relatively new.



I have also had issues with this. However, for me, I didn't save the message in Drafts. After working on a message for some time, referencing other websites, etc., I press Send and am asked to login. My message is lost, never sent, and there is no draft automatically saved while I was working. I am almost positive this has not always been the way Workspace has worked in the past. I know it used to save a Draft copy automatically at intervals that was available if the window was closed accidentally. Now, I have to remember to copy all of my message before I try to send it, because there is no warning that the session has been closed. Since I am concentrating on creating the contents, it is very unlikely I am going to remember that!


I know I was once able to send e-mail support requests, too. That is a much more efficient way to start a support request than using Chat!

One user is having the same problem on Send.  Seems to happen on the first email after long idle, compose, or editing  draft time.  No warning that session has be shut down in the background, no draft saved even though auto-save set at 2 minutes.  The Login page pops up as soon as Send is used.  Using Updated View in latest version of Chrome (68.0.3440.84 Official Build 64bit).  Workspace Desktop Tools is v2.0.23.49.  I changed some of the settings: Security timeout: 24hr and selected "Keep me logged in" on the login page.  Have not checked with the user to see if it made any difference.  I grow weary of having to switch to "Classic View" to solve some problems or back to "Updated View" to solve others.  I will report back if the changes I made had any effect.

The changes I made to the user's Workspace settings had no effect.  Losing message on send with no draft saved happened again this morning.  What ever is triggers that a new login is required needs to be changed so that, at the very least, the message is saved as Draft.  I am contacting GoDaddy support after lunch today.  I'll report back if there is any solution to the problem.

Just got off the phone with GoDaddy support.

Their suggestions:

* Clear the browser cache and relaunch

* Try a different browser and see if the problem persists

* Switch between Updated and Classic Workspace view (standard solution to any Workspace problem)


My suggestion:

* Try an Incognito Window (Chrome Crtl+Shift+N) or Private Window (Firefox Ctrl+Shift+P)