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Workspace Email Set-up - Calendar

Why can't I link my godaddy calendar to the Outlook client I am now forced to use to use mobile mail?  It says I need a valid calendar account.  I have that.  It does not find it nor does it offer me a way to link it.  Am I missing something?  If I have a valid calendar account and Outlook says I don't, how do I get one that Outlook will validate?  I linked my Evernote, but it doesn't let me bring it in, it just puts a checkmark next to it as a choice, without a way to use it.  I'm new to this part of "GoDaddy", but I would like to get this working.  -- Thanks -- Mike


Re: Outlook Email Set-up - Calendar



Hiya Mike!


Welcome to the community! It sounds like you're using Workspace email. If you are, you can install the desktop tool to sync your calendar with Outlook. This won't work on Macs, however. Hope this helps!


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Re: Outlook Email Set-up - Calendar

Thank you, Heather.  Yes, I have the workspace desktop tool and maybe I'm missing something but the minimum sync time is 1 hour.  I set that 48 hours ago and my calendar has not synced to anything.  I'm talking about using the Outlook app on my iphone.  Are you saying this does not work on an iphone?  Reason I ask is because I was forced to switch to outlook on my iphone, where it did work.

I have one email address I use all the time and it is on my desktop, workspace, and i guess the mobile space as well.  I have a calendar I pay for that's online but it isn't syncing to anything here on my desktop or my iphone.

Re: Outlook Email Set-up - Calendar

One other thing and maybe it's just related to my system, but I use chrome and when I try to get to godaddy in chrome I get a "400 your browser sent an invalid request".  Works fine in edge.  ??


Re: Outlook Email Set-up - Calendar

Did you ever get the calendar to work? I have the same issue with outlook on my iPhone.