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best app (android) for email calendar sync

I have both email and calendar service with GODaddy.  I am seeking the best possible app that works with workspace to allow me to get my email and calendar on my cellphone, Samsung 8+ 


any recommendations?

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Checkout Synchronizing Calendar with Your Mobile Device @stephan. I think that method should suit your needs? I hope that helps?

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I have the same issue. The only help found on the Godaddy support pages seems to be using a third party provider (google) to work around the lack of native support. However this has three problems. 1, I don't care for how the Google calendar apps behave. 2. I have to share my private calendar data with Google for this to work but do not trust them, which is part of why I subscribe to this paid godaddy service in the first place. 3 this inserts another point of failure between the service and my device, notably one that doesn't have an SLA with me. So to reiterate the Ops question, is there a known app, supported or not, that works without an intermediary service? Thanks.