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cPanel Email Support

Hey there, so I've been trying to set up my cPanel email through Outlook and am having some issues. I've called support and have tried different SMTP outs and ins, but nothing is working. I can send and receive emails from other emails that have the same '' but i cant send to emails with a different ''. One weird thing to note is that i can receive emails from different domains but i cant respond to them. I'm using Outlook 2013, and have verified that the mail servers are correct and that current authentication is being used. Just kinda stuck right now.

Community Manager

Hi @Guyo. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! So if I understand correctly, the issue is that you can't use Outlook to send email to addresses outside of your domain. One thing you may want to try is sending from the webmail interface. For cPanel email accounts, you can usually reach this by visiting and then logging in with the email address and password. If sending works there, then you know it's something specific to Outlook. If not, then it could be related to your email content or DNS settings. It would also be helpful to know if the messages are getting rejection notices. You may need to check your bulk mail folders for those. Also, it would be helpful to know if you're seeing an error when you try to send. Hope this helps. 


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