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Since just before Christmas, every morning I open webmail to find over 100 emails in my bulk folder. Of these, probably 5-10 are from that morning and the remainder are older messages which have already been marked as NOT SPAM. In fact, 99% of the messages being moved into bulk are whitelisted addresses. 


Does anyone have a similar experience and if so, what is the fix?





I  emptied the whole of my webmail Inbox, marked everything as read and marked everything in the Bulk folder as Not Spam. Whitelisted addresses are still being marked as spam.


So I turned off spam filtering altogether, and guess what - whitelisted addresses are still being marked as spam! 


Something is very wrong with GoDaddy spam filtering - which used to be pretty good. So what have you guys changed internally recently, because it looks like you've introduced some pretty dumb bugs!

Community Manager

Hi @allygill. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I don't know of any systemic issues with our spam filters. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't something wrong with your account. I'd recommend contacting our customer care team so they can take a look. That sounds pretty strange. 


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