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iPhone crashing

I am try to set up email on my Aunts iPhone 6S (10.2) with office 365. It starts out okay but as soone as the settings attempt to verify the phone reboots. This has happened 4 times so far and I am at a loss on what it could be. We are following the step provided to us by godaddy...


Hi @CJM1976AB


Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, I have never come across such an issue.  This is an odd one for sure. However, maybe downloading and alternate email client and like outlook for iphone, as an example will help resolve the issue as there may be something buggy with the iphones native email client. 


I also did some online research and found this article by an iphone 6 user that was experiencing the exact same issue. His solution is listed at the bottom of the article.


iPhone 6/iOS 9.3.2 - Reboot Loop after setting up Exchange account


Hope this helps!