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php contact form not sending email

Good day, all.

My first post, please go easy on me. 

I have a contact form, created by a third-party on-line contact form generator. I have several of these forms operating correctly on several sites on my cPanel-type hosting plan.
However on a site, different hosting plan, which is Deluxe Web Hosting Linux, it will not send the email out, using the exact same form. 

I've contacted chat support (seems to be mostly sales oriented, they dodge technical questions) and also called the support phone number. Again, they gave me a convoluted explanation, the gist of which is, we'll be happy to help me, for only $299!!! What?

Any suggestions? Even though I've been a GoDaddy customer for many years and usually very happy with the support, I'm thinking of moving to a different provider because of the recent poor support I've received.

Thanks very much for your time.

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Hi @klbreland,

you say the form won't work on a different hosting plan. It's not a windows plan?

what type of platform is your site on? Developer / CMS ?

Hi, rammsteinium,

The hosting plan they work on is cPanel.

The one it will not work on is a Shared Linux Plan,

no Windows. Had been working fine for a few years.

Plain old shared plan, has one main domain and

five sub-domains, all one page sites, no contact

forms. The form quit working before the sub-domains

were added.

The php contact form worked fine until a while

back, don't know how long, just hadn't been getting

emails from it and started investigating.

As I said originally, I spoke to tech support and the only

thing they offered was a $299 option to check the site

for me. This is a very small business site and we really

cannot afford that. Lately, every time I call or chat, all

they seem interested in doing is selling more product,

not helping me fix what I already pay for.


Thank you for your response and assistance.