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"550 that smtp username's account is not allowed to send"



I've recently purchased a domain name and have set up a forward to my gmail account. I can receive emails perfectly fine. I have set up SMTP settings on SMPT2GO and have the SPF and DKIM both verified. Upon testing my email (sending from my domain email) I have an error at bottom of my gmail account "550 that smtp username's account is not allowed to send" does this have anything to do with Go daddy taking time to update the DNS settings I changed or is that an issue on SMPT2GO.


Help would be much appreciated, I am completely new to this.






I Have exactly the same problema. Can someone help??

I have an answer now, I contacted SMTP2GO and they just wanted to ask a few
questions about the nature of the business i'm starting up and they
unlocked it. I think because it was a new domain name.

You are right, just go to SMTP2GO and go to live chat, tell than about this error and they fix it!


Now it is every think working!