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"Account setting are out of date" - recurring issue

Every 5-10 days I receive the following message on all of my email accounts: "Account settings are out of date.", and I am required to login back in to each account, with the exact same login as I had entered just several days before. Additionally, this is not limited to just my use of Windows 10 Mail on my PC, it happens with the Outlook app on both my Android phone, my iPad. To add to the fun, it requires me to enter each password twice. 5 email accounts x 3 devices x 2 logins each= 30 logins every 5-10 days. Please help, this is getting old.

I found this "Answer", however I do not see the "auto config" option being referenced. If this is the solution, please provide more comprehensive instructions.


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Now that's lot of logins, phew!

Try this link here for email wizard (I make no claims regarding this wizards magic)


Hope that helps.