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repeated joejob attacks: do I have to give up my email address...or would that do any good?

My primary business email address ( has been the subject of repeated joejob attacks for over a year. It appears my address book was also stolen, so repeated hordes of spam are sent out from my address to professional listservs I subscribe to, along with random addresses from my address book.

This is the email address on my business cards, stationery, website, etc. and this has been a nightmare.

I am out of ideas. Should I give up my email address...and would it do any good?

Suggestions welcome. I am really sick of this. I am not a spammer.


Hi @pommehomme, thanks for posting.

This article includes a few suggestions. Most notably you will want to add an SPF record if you don't have one setup:

Otherwise, there is not a direct way to stop this.


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