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smtp Settings / add. email address

Hi there,
I am asking on behalf of one of your customers:

I need to setup the smtp details for our shopify shop. So far ok, but we are using an auction tool, where I need to add all smtp settings. I tried, but failed.

The required information are:

SMTP Host*
SMTP Username*
SMTP Type* ( SSL /  TLS )
and the Port.
e also need  the "relay function enabled" . I am not sure but I think its because it may be a lot of email in a short time, because bidding infos.
Another question, I cannot find the answer at the godaddy dashboard. We may need a special email address only for the auction, can we setup one for free, or do we need to pay for every extra email address. 
Sorry my questions maybe sound funny, but I am used to cpanel:-)

Thanks for your help 

If possible sent it to my email address too:

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: smtp Settings / add. email address

Hi @NK_klaus. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you're sending emails from Shopify servers, you would need to use settings provided by them. If the site is hosted by GoDaddy, you could send server generated emails via This can only be accessed by websites hosted on GoDaddy. It requires no authentication and sends using port 25. If you use GoDaddy Workspace Email or Office 365, it would not be advisable to try to send a high volume of messages as these platforms are not intended for bulk email. I hope that is somewhat helpful. 


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