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you block my "thank you" emails - again and again and again and again and again and again ......

"Our support team should be able to identify exactly what it is if you have a copy of the original email that was sent and the bouncback message."


Your team DOES NOT READ. I tried resolving this issue with online support probably 6 times (different dates just to avoid the same support team member). None of those guys have a clue what is going on. Every time I chat with ANYONE from online chat technical support they always refer back to this stupid page where we should copy paste our email content.


I tried that multiple times and guess what ???? NOTHING ! Every single time i send this **bleep** form i got email from you "this is not the email content".


I have automatic email being sent out like a thank you email via wordpress and you blocked it. There is no bloody way to unblock it. Same goes for woo-commerce! WOOOCOOOMMEEERCE send AUTOMATIC EMAILS - like thank you for the purchase - AND YOUUUUU BLOOOOCK IT !!!!!!!!


U N B L O C K     I T      P L E A S E      !!!

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so you have tried this? :


Personally I wouldn't use a thank you email. I would just use a message revealed with a php snippet of code when a certain action triggered it. JavaScript can be much used the same. If all you want to say is thank you for a purchase etc, it's more than enough, and not intrusive like a thank you with marketing crap attached. In other words, spam. 


Hi @Retired


Thank you for the reply. This is "thank you" email is generated with woocommerce that has list of purchased items. I have no bloody clue why godady is blocking this. And they are blocking this since ever. Every month they unblock and month later I have the same problem and have to complaint.


I don't have millions of customers so the numbers shouldn't be also the issue here.


As for the link - yes I used it multiple times and got always stupid reply - sorry this is not what we need.



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Hi @last-time,

I'm guessing that the formatting of the woocommerce email has something to do with the form not accepting it. Or some minor overlooked detail. You could take screenshots to help support figure out what's going on, using online chat you could post the screenshots. Or even here, just redact sensitive info. Screenshots here can take a................while........sometimes, so do it in the background and don't make them large.

I would disable the woocommerce 'thanks' email feature and figure out an alternative solution. Obviously there is an ongoing conflict here which is only going to succeed in getting you cross.