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    3 word limit on SEO wizard



    the Godaddy SEO wizard only allows you to optimize 3 words. i have about 30 key words i need to optimize. whats the best way to do this?


    i have added pages with the phrases and made them invisible on the website, but im guessing then google wont pick them up?


    at present am only on page 6 or 7 even on the main phrases already used in the tool


    help and advise appreciated!

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    Re: 3 word limit on SEO wizard



    You really don't need a "tool" to SEO.   SEO is integrated in everything you do on your site and is not a set and forget effort.  So the good news you are not limited!


    The bad news is making text invisible is a hack that search engines may notice and not appreciate.  Get rid of that pronto.  There are no tricks when it comes to SEOing your site.


    You optimize each page on your site by first knowing the phrases your target market uses and having those specific phrases, and their variations, ready to go based on the topic of each individual page.  You'll never rank for one word "keywords" so targeting 2-3 word phrases (or longer) are your best approach.


    Here are the basics:


    => Include your primary phrase in your page headline and in a subhead or two.

    => Include your primary phrase in your first and last paragraphs.

    => Include your primary phrase in the image file names and descriptions included on that page (if it actually applies to the image).

    => Pepper the rest of the content on that page with the variations of your targeted keyword phrase.


    SEO is an ongoing, long term effort.  And it takes time and skill to write optimized text that reads smoothly and doesn't sound like you are keyword stuffing by being over repetitive -- that's where keyword phrase variations come in. So the more you write, the better at it you'll get!


    As you create every bit of new content keep the above in mind while making sure that your content speaks to site visitors first (not search engines).


    Does that help? 😉

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    Re: 3 word limit on SEO wizard

    Hi Judith @Muse,


    thank you for taking the time to respond, i really appreciate it


    i think the problem ive got is that its a very simple website, and really everything hangs off the homepage, it doesnt really work with having multiple pages, with the format that weve got  www.gaitwaypodiatry.co.uk


    its essentially just one page



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    Re: 3 word limit on SEO wizard

    Hey, @GaitwayPodiatry ...


    I understand.  But here's the rub.   Being a brochureware site means you really cannot count on having any decent rankings.   You can "SEO" to the best of your ability but you are still just a brochure.  No SEO tool, process or solution can compensate for that.


    Search engines determine how to rank sites based on 100s of little info points in their algo.   These points are what determines who gets found above everyone else.  They look for expertise, authority and trust factors.   That's very difficult with a one page website.


    Those sites that display more value, via information, whitepapers, checklists, blog posts, etc. naturally will rank about one-page sites -- or even sites that are just a handful of pages. 


    So you want to work towards making your site more valuable -- with more content.  By doing that you provide more ranking opportunities and a better chance of garnering the search engines attention.  


    What I would concentrate on is local geographic keyword phrases since your target market will most likely be looking for you locally, right?  Make sure you have your local listings on search engines up to snuff, make sure all your socials are also clear about where you are located too.


    HTH! 😉


    "Do or do not. There is no try." ~Yoda