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    Anchor text do follow sites

    Keep this very simple your answers.

    I want to search for do follow anchor text sites. I want to do it in my google search.


    I use this: "You may use these HTML tags"  "Facebook marketing" Can I add to this command?


    Chris                                                                                                                                        Owner CEL Financial Services

    IRS Registered Tax Preparer

    Registered bonded California CTEC Tax Preparer

    Please visit my website for all your Income Tax Fillmore needs.

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    Super User II

    Re: Anchor text do follow sites



    Sometimes there are no simple answers.... 😉


    Searching for sites that offer do follow links is not be the best approach.  There are probably sites out there that sell back-links for a fee -- but that could end up doing more harm that good. Spammy purchased links can have a negative impact on your SEO. 


    And even if you get a bunch of do follows and you have no content on your site that reflects your expertise, authority and that you can be trusted -- the do follows won't matter.  Reputable websites do not advertise that they offer do follows and if they do -- it's for a fee (Google frowns upon purchasing links). 


    So if we search for do follow back-links, the majority of sites probably do not have any synergy with your site.  If they do offer do follow it is more than likely for those sites they approve of, have a partnership with and know their site visitors will appreciate. 


    Since your site is geographically targeted, I would look for other local small businesses and discuss with them about how you can work together.   Since you are both trying to get customers from the area, exposing each-other on your respective sites will give you more opportunity than getting a do follow back link on an unrelated site will ever offer.


    You could suggest a guest post about tax related issues specific to your municipality/state, etc.    The other site could offer information about the area that your site visitors may find interest in.  And both of you could agree to do follow each other.


    That is the best approach to getting quality backlinks for the long term.  


    As far as Facebook Marketing, Hubspot has a comprehensive article on all the considerations that you can put to use.


    HTH! 😉



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