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HostingEnvironment Issue

I'm developing an ASP.NET application and attempting to make it work in a Plesk hosted environment. The application works locally but after FTPing the compiled site and attempting to preview the site I get a Security Exception error  (See image below). Called GoDaddy and the tech rep was of no help. Any assistance would be appreciated.error.jpg

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Super User III

Re: HostingEnvironment Issue



While I understand your frustration, it's honestly not the hosting company's issue to figure out why the app you're developing doesn't work on their servers. Their only job is to provide the server for which you paid, not help you develop your app on it.


I know that sounds really harsh, but hear me out.


The support specialists on the other end of that phone line are not developers nor are they familiar with every various type of coding on the planet. They're not all familiar with developing apps. Typically, assistance with troubleshooting a coding project lies on the developer or someone who has been paid to do this type of work.


You did not pay GoDaddy to offer that kind of service. It should be made very clear that the support GoDaddy offers is for the products themselves, not what you want to put on the hosting or your website. It is also 100% free at no additional charge to the customer. GoDaddy is in no way obligated to support anything other than the products they sell. Any additional help is above and beyond.


I know that's not what you want to hear but it is the way things actually work. 


If I had to take an educated guess though, you decided to take the cheap route and purchase shared hosting for a development environment. There's nothing wrong with that typically but it does have limitations. I would suggest looking at a VPS or Dedicated server as most app developers build on an isolated environment with full access to parent directories so they don't have to worry about permission or port issues typically found in shared hosting.



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