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Server Down

My domain hosting is not working and plesk admin is taking ages to load and my website is down since 18 hrs.  I contacted your customer care for more than 10 times since morning and the issue is not yet resolved and they are telling me every time that it is know issue on the server and engineers are working on it and it would take still 4 hrs to resolve the issue (Standard answer).  Are they working since 18 hrs?
When i asked them to raise a ticket they are saying this is an internal issue so we do not have rights to create a ticket. May i know still how many days your technical team requires to resolve the issue and can you please provide customer support email address? Please resolve my issue.
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Super User I

Re: Server Down

Hello @Naresh1971 and thank you for reaching out to the GoDaddy community where GoDaddy users help each other. 


Since recent Windows Server updates, I've noticed an increase of users commenting about there Plesk being down, but GoDaddy Support team seems to have resolved those server issues within 24-48 hours. 


This last month, Microsoft implemented some big changes, so I've known its caused some hassle to GoDaddy users using Plesk. If it's not fixed within 24 hours, I would give GoDaddy support a callback. 


Sorry again this is happening to you. I know how you feel when one of the websites I manage go down for a period of time. 

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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Re: Server Down

The same issue is happening with our domains also. Ours also windows Hosting. Today only we noticed this issue and still now our none of the domain is working. We've 7+ domains + sub domains hosted and all of them are down.

Re: Server Down

My servers are down as well.  I contacted support, they tell me it's a known issue, and they are working on it.  Yet, the page says everything is up.  I find this dishonest.