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Adding .htaccess file makes my website disappear

I purchased and added an SSL certificate via GoDaddy to my client's site and then, following directions given in this page, added an .htaccess file to the public_html folder of his site. Presto, the site vanishes instantly! Any ideas?


I've replaced the text "" with the actual URL in the two relevant places in the file. I also tried deleting the {SERVER_PORT} line since no port is specified. No dice. I read somewhere else that the .htaccess file needs to live in the root folder, not in the public_html folder (contrary to the above instructions) so I tried that. Still no dice.


Any ideas?


Re: Adding .htaccess file makes my website disappear

Hi @Tr4gg, thanks for posting.

The Server port line is important to keep as it prevents redirect loops.

Without knowing the exact error you're seeing and without knowing more details, it's difficult to say what the issue might be. You might want to try experimenting with different settings.


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