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Domain names and privacy

I had the unwelcome experience of buying a domain name from GoDaddy in the past, and then immediately receiving an untold amount of spam emails from offers for website building, SEO etc.

My mistake was to not buy the privacy option when I purchased the domain, silly me!

What irritates me is that this so called privacy option is something one needs to purchase on top of the domain name. The process of buying a domain name, at least with GoDaddy as I can't confirm what happens on other sites, is that GoDaddy willfully exposes you to spam attacks. In today's world of responsible digital presence and ID ownership, privacy should be the default option. If a user wants their information publicly available, it should be an option they can turn on or off free of charge.

This practice is nothing short of profiteering, for shame GoDaddy.

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Re: Domain names and privacy

It is not that GoDaddy exposes your information, rather the individual registries have publicly accessible databases in accordance with ICANN policy.

Re: Domain names and privacy

If it's ICANN policy, then that policy can clearly be circumvented by paying extra money during the domain registration process. Does ICANN get that money?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domain names and privacy

Hi @FreemanBlu. Thanks for sharing your feedback. I understand your frustration. As Nate mentioned, we are required to post this information per ICANN regulations. Most registrars have some sort of privacy option. Some require payment for it while others do not. You can find more information about why this is required by ICANN here. Beyond using our privacy service, we also try to block known spammers from gaining access to bulk WHOIS lookups. You can find out more about that here if you're interested. 


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