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Godaddy SSL country support


I need to confirm if the following is supported by Godaddy:


1. Does Godaddy support Europe-Malta for Organisation Validation (OV) SAN SSL certificates?

2. Can an OV certificate with up to 5 SANs, be issued to different servers with only specific SANs and not all of them.

3. We have 4 servers. Can the certificate be issued to unlimited servers?

4. Can 2 of the servers only contain one specific SAN?




Hey @FF_ITInfra


Yes, our SSL teams have issued OV SSL certificates to Malta. 


To try address all of the server questions at once; your certificate files are issued out for only one primary server to be installed to. So the certificate issued will have all 5 SANs included to be installed into one server. You can then export that primary install and import it to an unlimited number of servers. 


Unfortunately, I can't provide instructions on exporting/importing SSL installations between servers. However, I know there are number of documents and tutorials available through preferred search engine results that can assist in this regard. You might also check with your server vendor as they may offer such documentation to assist in that endeavor. 

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