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Hacking Issue might be related to godaddy?

Since I'm not able to submit a form due to some sort of error on the website, I'm going to try sending the problem I'm having in this manner.  
I just found out that it looks like I may have been hacked somehow.  Below is a screenshot of the email that was sent early this morning, for your reference.

​I'm trying to figure out who and how this hack occurred.  As you can see, the email contains a link to a website.  So, I thought I'd start there to see if I could figure out who/what that destination is.  I conducted a search by asking:  "who is (1), and then, (2)  It turns out that you are the Registrar for the Domain Name TCREALESTATE.COM.  So, this is why I'm starting with you.  
If I, in fact, do have the right place to start, I'm hoping someone can help me understand what's happened here.  I need to know who's doing this, and what part of my information has been hacked.  Is it my email, my contacts, or, what?  I should also add that the distribution list of contacts this email went out to happens to be totally out of date on my end.  That's why this is such a mystery.
I'm afraid I just don't know enough to move forward figuring this out.  If I don't have to change my email accounts, I would very much like to know this.
And...if it turns out that this is the instigator, then consider this message an abuse complaint to you as well.
I look forward to any advice you might be able to give me on this.  And, thank you for your attention.
Regards,    ​

Karen Vierra
(801) 849-0580