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I can't install the SSL certificate.



I requested SSL certificate and it was issued to me last week. I tried to install it using the instruction provided here : BUT there is no private key after it autofill the fields so I tried to generate a private key inside my cpanel>SSL/TLS>Private Keys (KEY)


I generated private key there. I used key size: 2,048 bits (recommended)


I copied the Encoded Private Key and Pasted it on the private key field inside Manage SSL sites and I am having error that says: The key does not match the certificate.


Can anyone please help me? I am not familiar in SSL. Not a tech savvy. I just used to follow instructions online. I am not sure if what I did wrong, please help.


Thanks in advance!



Re: I can't install the SSL certificate.

Private key is generated when You issue CSR. It's pair and You'll need to save it as it's required during SSL installation.


So, if You lost Your private key then the only way You can do is:'

- Contact Your SSL company and ask for full refund

- Generate new csr and don't forget to save private key

- Re-apply the SSL and with Your new CSR.

Re: I can't install the SSL certificate.



I think i didn't get Private key. The only email i got says:


Dear Secure Certificate Customer,

Congratulations on becoming an SSL certificate owner for the domain:! We're delighted to have you on board. 

What's Next? 


I downloaded the certificate and I used Apache as server type. My Hosting is Linux. Am I doing it wrong?

Re: I can't install the SSL certificate.

So, how did You get the SSL? is it free SSL and generated by Your provider?


If You never give CSR then it must be generated by Your provider which mean Your provider has it. You should ask them?

Re: I can't install the SSL certificate.

I tried to rekey CSR so i clicked the revoke? I was thinking that i can generate a new CSR and get new certificate after i revoke the previous one, but after the previous certificate is revoked, as i open my go daddy account, i can't find manage option* under SSL 


Please help! 😞

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: I can't install the SSL certificate.

Revoking a certificate is irreversable, so you would only want to do that in the event that you no longer need the SSL at all.  If you find yourself in a situation where you revoked a certificate in error, you'd need to contact support to discuss your options for getting a new certificate issued for the domain.  


If you're trying to rekey a certificate you must follow these instructions: