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I would like to know how can I setup wildcard SSL on

I have purchased a Wildcard SSL. Now I want to setting up SSL on ABC.COM but on the Choose Website Option, I clicked "Select the Domain hosted with us" , I found only one Domain i.e. While I had purchased by godaddy and using shared hosting. 


I would like to know how can I setup wildcard SSL on 


Resolver II



A Wildcard SSL will protect unlimited sub domains and the PRIMARY domain on your hosting. I would bet that the reason you are only seeing is because that is the primary domain on the account (shared hosting). In order to protect you will need to first protect the PRIMARY which is You can also change the primary domain on the hosting but that means removing the domain and files and re adding everything. You may want to use a UCC SSL or if you have a free standard one in your account you can use that for one domain as well.

Thanks, Michel Scot.






Another Challange:

Once I am Trying to Change Primary Domain from Hosting.

The domain name is not listed in drop-down selection from the list of domains that I have in MY PRODUCTS list.
when I typed in change domain area and click on OK, then Following message appears:  


"This domain's DNS record is not under our control and must be manually changed to point to your hosting account's server. Your Web site cannot launch until this change takes place. To help you preview your Web site before changing your DNS record, we have enabled Preview DNS. Click OK to continue."