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Perl Sendmail SSL fails

I just installed SSL on my website. The good news is that all my Perl scripts work, except when sending mail outside the domain. My "Thank You" page appears and all other particulars complete  after Submit, but the e-mail never arrives at the outside destination. It's probably just a few lines of code to add to my script. I didn't find anything under the Perl section of Cpanel. Online searches suggested IO::Socket::SSL or Net::SMTP::SSL, none of which can be located by the Perl interpreter. I've programmed in Perl for a few years but SSL is all new to me. Ideas?


Re: Perl Sendmail SSL fails

After a three domain migration under one root and installation of an SSL Cetrificate, the MX Entry was changed to Local Mail Exchanger when it should have been Remote. My scripts were executing but the sendmail part was not transmitting. Now everything functions as needed. One of the GoDaddy techs discovered this and restored the setting. THANKS!