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Private Key for Wildcard Certificate



I bought a wildcard SSL certificate from GoDaddy few months ago. I am trying to install the certificate on a Windows server 2012 R2 on IIS. I installed the intermediate certificate but when I go to IIS and complete the certificate request it does not show me any error, but after I refresh the page the certificate disappears from the server certificate list!


I searched for this issue and it seems its because the certificate does not have a private key. My question is how can I download the certificate with the private key? Also can I use the same certificate on multiple different servers?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

Hi @MadfooatCom, thanks for posting.

The Private Key is generated and saved on the server that generated the CSR. It's not provided to GoDaddy when requesting the SSL. You can use SSLs on multiple servers that you manage, but not if the certificate was auto-installed to a GoDaddy Web hosting plan.

If you are using Shared/Web Hosting, there is not a way to download or otherwise access the private key.

If you are managing your own server and lost your private key, you would need to re-key the certificate to generate a new private key and request a new SSL.


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Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

I have the same issue, I have the private key entry inside the keystore from CSR. But it seems the private key is issued by me, not by godaddy. So the website is considered as not secure because of self signed certificate. How to solve this?

Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

I have the same problem. Did you get it solved?


Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

Sorry but i cant locate where my private key is. i forgot to save it when going tthough the process. how do i get it back?

Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

Gary, Very helpful response.  I have a particular flavor of this problem.  I have created a cname subdomain reference in order to permit a business partner to host content that we are using to market to customers.  Because some of the variables are confidential in the interactive content they are helping us to develop, we need SSL security on the subdomain, let's call it  To accomplish this, I have purchased from GoDaddy a wildcard SSL for *  In order to apply the SSL on their servers for that subdomain, they have requested 

  1. Certificate file
  2. Private Key
  3. Certificate bundle.

I have been able to provide 2 out of 3.  But have been unable to figure out how to provide the private key.  Reading your post, I am unsure what my next steps should be.  Reissue the certificate?  If I do so, I am still puzzled as to how exactly I can do this, when the SSL is going to be on a third party's servers.   What is the recommended process for handling such situations with GoDaddy?  Please help!  Thank you!

Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

When I create the certificate in my Server IIS10, I generate a certificate in which the message that says "You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate" not appear, I am following the instructions on the page, my server is a Azure Windows Server 2016 IIS 10. What am I doing wrong, how can I correct this problem?

Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

Very valid query..I too have a wildcard certificate and lost the private key.


Now was going to install the cert on one window os IIS Server and it was getting disappeared post refreshing. May be it was not having private key.


In case we generate the private key as well by rekey method of godaddy,then what is the procedure to install wildcard certificate on third party servers where we cant share the private key .


Also in case it need to be shared what is the location where this private key need to be placed so that SSL cert can recognize it.


My another query,wild card certificate is mentioned to be used on different servers then how to install the private key?

Re: Private Key for Wildcard Certificate

I have the same problem, did the solution respond to your needs?