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Redirecting to HTTPS using web.config

I've just added SSL to my website, and hunting through the various bits here has told me that with my Economy Windows account, I need to use a web.config file to force the 301 redirect. So I used the code found at to create the web.config file, but it isn't working despite just doing a cut-and-paste into the new file. In fact, whenever you enter the https URL for my site (, it redirects to someone else's site altogether (!!


Entering the old http url for my site brings up the 404 page, while the https url redirects to this photography site that has nothing at all to do with me. And using the url also brings up a 404 page, but doesn't redirect to the other person's site.


Obviously, there's something very wrong here, but I can't figure out what. Can anyone help sort this out?