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SSL Certificate Download box is greyed out



I have three questions.


1. I need to download my installed ssl certificate but the download box is greyed out. How do i do that?


2. In maxthon browser and edge it is showing secure however in chrome the lock is visible only when the website is loading then it again shows unsecured. How to correct that?


3. How to download the .key file?


Re: SSL Certificate Download box is greyed out

Hey @xsdani,


Generally the button is for downloading the issued files that need to be installed to a third party hosting server. If the SSL was issued for a domain using our hosting, the installation is automatically completed for you so there is nothing to be downloaded (hence the button being grayed out). 


On that same note, if the SSL was installed to our shared hosting automatically, you won't have access to the key file generated from the initial request of the certificate before it was issued. 


As for the issue you're seeing in Chrome, can you confirm the domain name the SSL was issued and installed for? It's  easier for members to suggest a solution if we can all try to duplicate the issue you're encountering within Chrome. 


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